We are doers. We don't believe in giving people the run around. We take pride in what we do and always try our best to ensure you depart with a wonderful new addition to your body as well as the sense of having made a new friend.

We primarily do custom work but we aren't snobbish if you desire something more mundane. We aren't in the business of casting judgment. Its your body and all that matters is your personal enjoyment in what you decide upon.

We are acutely up to date with our piercing procedures and quite knowledgable in regards to aftercare practices.


In short we know our stuff but we won't make you feel like an idiot to prove so.


Mama Tried was created in 2010 by Dane Weldon  as a means  to further his own personal growth in the tattooing and piercing industry. Since its creation the experience has been a successful adventure with many new friendships being made along the way.

Tattoo and Piercing in Carrollton Ga

"We create tattoos and piercings that will make your friends jealous and your mama pout"

Mama Tried Tattoo

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